How We Do It

Telecom Solutions Reinvented
MDIC has packaged its knowhow in designing a proven and standardized operation production process modeling that features:



  • Vivacell Armenia is an outstanding success story for MDIC. The operation was launched in 2005, became the market leader in less than six months, and in just two years managed to cross the one-million subscriber mark with more than 65% market share.
  • Today, Vivacell is Armenia’s undisputed leader in the provision of mobile services, with more than 2 million subscribers, with emphasis on a quality and, far-reaching network coupled with an exemplary role in corporate social responsibility (CSR). MDIC continues to manage Vivacell MTS operations after MTS, the leading Russian operator, acquired an 80% share in September 2007.
  • Vivacell MTS offers a range of coverages fixed and mobile broadband services and is continuously upgrading its infrastructure to meet the ever expanding customer requirements. 
  • Starting a sixth mobile operator in South Sudan in 2008 was considered mission impossible due to the lack of basic infrastructure following 20 years of civil war, the scarcity of resources, and the fierce competition with other operators. MDIC, however, took on the challenge.
  • Vivacell went live in late 2008. Since then, it has gained brand recognition throughout South Sudan, improved telecommunication services in all areas it covered, achieved a total subscriber base close to one million and has employed over 300 workers, the majority of whom are South Sudanese.
  • Vivacell maintained its market leadership in spite of the tough challenges related to the currency devaluation and the security concerns through continuous opex and capex optimization.
  • Following the 2001 takeover of Karabakh Telecom (KT), MDIC was given the task of rebuilding the company, restoring much-needed telecom services, and building a mobile network. MDIC managed the entire transformation of the company, performing a full restructuring exercise and deploying a state of the art mobile network.
  • KT, a fixed, mobile and ISP operator, provides services to more than 100,000 customers representing more than 70% market penetration. Its network covers more than 95% of the population and its technology provides customers with quad play services based on a mix of fixed, mobile, and television internet services.